UX & UI Design


Video lead instruction on how to exercise certain workouts.

The main objective of this app is to give our users a Personal trainer like work out regime, who would have access to Gym as well as the option to exercise at home without any types of equipment.

Device: iPhone
Project involved:
Icons, Mock ups, UI design, HD Video rendering and publishing

One designer (myself), Developer (App owner)

Competitive Analysis

There are many workout apps which are designed for users on how-to and show different exercises using sketch or illustration. And then there were some on the specific work out regime using weights and other styles.

We realized that we had something unique on our thoughts, as our option was to have video lead instruction on different exercises and works. And it could be difficult to implement on the technical side.

Unique Solution

As a unique concept of this app, our users can work-out from Home and Gym with Video lead instruction. We realized that we had to categorize the exercise based on weights, work-out equipment, aerobic and other styles. And then there were exercises which were based on the difficulty level and goal set by users. i.e Muscle gain, weight loss…


After tons of late-night meetings and reviewing workout blogs and understanding user needs, we started with pen and paper mock-ups.
From the very beginning, we had decided that the app would be for iPhone devices only. Hence, we both learned the iOS design guidelines and came up with design patterns to use for the app. Designed icons from scratch, finalized on the menu, navigation, table and calendar view.

Persona building

1. Users who would exercise from Home
2. Users who would exercise from Gym
3. A person who would have access to the Gym and wants to work out at home

Wireframe / Mockup

Initially, we did pen and paper prototyping until we were happy with the flow.
We both wanted to finalize on the flow, and what users thought, hence we created wireframe first. Designed interactive hi-fidelity mockups in Axure, so that we can test user interaction and study the pain points of the app.

Video Lead workouts

From our research, we found that users did not like applications which were heavy or would consume more space on their phones. Keeping that in mind we decided that our solution would be to compress videos, make them lighter to stream and download on 3G & 4G connection.

User testing

We did moderate and unmoderated testing on all the flows. We decided to have two groups of 5 users each. One group was asked to use the app as they liked and another group was given a specific task of finding a work-out regime with a moderated level of difficult at Gym location.


I created entire design handout for the developer, along with animations, icons, and different assets versions as per iOS guidelines.

What’s Next:

From our user testing and app feedbacks. Users wanted some more features like sharing their work-outs on social media, invite friends to join their work-outs and many more.